Offer a more efficient procedure, see more patients, and get better results. With SpineMED®, you’re using the most technologically advanced decompression system on the market.

Through years of clinical experience, SpineMED® was engineered to overcome the limitations and side effects of previous decompression devices. The result is a system that offers tremendous advantages for both Patients and Practitioners



2- Minute Setup

Save time. Save money. With SpineMED®, it’s faster and easier to set patients up.

Accommodate Any Size Patient With No Harnesses

Help more patients. SpineMED®’s pelvic restraints comfortably secure patients of virtually any size (70 to 500 lbs.)

Post Purchase Support

On-site Office Training, Full Marketing Support Available & Flexible Patient Financing

Smarter Design

It’s easy to make room for SpineMED®. We’ve designed the system to fit into existing offices.

FDA Cleared/Patent Protected

You will also feel very confident with SpineMED®. The FDA has cleared SpineMED® for both Lumbar and Cervical Decompression

Repeatable Sessions

Achieve virtually 100% repeatability from session to session. SpineMED® eliminates variability.

Easy To Operate

You’ll be up and running quickly. SpineMED can be operated by virtually anyone on staff.

Built-in Audio/Video Entertainment

Make the experience better for your patients with DVD/CD player with headphones and an
adjustable flat panel monitor.

Wider Patient Suitability

Attract more patients. SpineMED®’s ability to achieve results using lower forces increases the scope of patients

More Comfortable

Give your patients a comfortable experience. SpineMED® improves comfort during the procedure.

Solid Reliability That Is Easy To Upgrade

Stay up-to-date with state-of-the art equipment. We use hospital grade components to meet the highest standards of quality.

Automatic Patient Reporting

Maintain complete record keeping. The SpineMED® system automatically records each session for you.



Post Purchase Support To Ensure Your Ongoing Success

When we connect and install your SpineMED®, we also connect you to our support team. We’re here to make sure that SpineMED® is beneficial for both your practice and your patients. As part of the SpineMED® family, we offer continued clinical support, front office and sales training support, as well as access to a suite of marketing tools. We’re partners with the same goal—to help your patients.

What Patients Are Saying
My diagnosis is herniated disc and facets syndrome. I tried other treatments; several physical therapy treatments sessions, but did not see any improvement. I went through the treatment about six months ago. I am 100% better than I was before I came for treatment. I would definitely recommend the SpineMED® treatment to anyone who has pain like I had. It really worked. It was the only thing that worked for me. And to this day I’m pain free … pretty amazing.
Darren Purcell, Santa Cruz, CA**
I had 2 degenerative and bulging discs. I couldn’t really stand up straight, and I always walked bent over in pain, I couldn’t tie up my own shoes. I went through chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy treatments, epidural injections, and nothing seemed to work. Now I feel fine, a lot better than I did before. I would say about 99% better. I can bend over and tie my shoes, I can tolerate a lot of things I couldn’t before. And I’m sleeping at night now! I would recommend the SpineMED® to other people. I always knocked other advertised treatments until I tried SpineMED®, I’m a believer.
James Parker, Watsonville, CA**


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