Dr. Larry Ellis, Jr., D.O

Dr. Ellis, is a family medicine doctor at Hill Crest Hospital in Tulsa, OK and has a private practice OMM clinic built around SpineMED®.

Dr. Ellis is a graduate of Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Upon graduation he joined the U.S. Army and interned at Martin Army Community Hospital, Fort Benning, GA. He went on to practice at Kitzingen Health Clinic, Kitzingen, Germany, and Reynolds Army Hospital, Ft. Sill, OK.

In 1995 Dr. Ellis returned to OSU to found the university’s OMM treatment clinic, where he became involved in SpineMED® decompression. There he successfully treated over 110 discogenic pain patients.

He is also a successful SpineMED® patient. He’s experienced the benefits of SpineMED® firsthand after back surgery failed to relieve his pain.


Dr. Larry Markson

Dr. Larry Markson, Personal Empowerment, Practice & Business Success and Prosperity Coach to over 100,000 people for the past 27 years, has devoted his professional life to helping others transform their thoughts, actions and feelings until they are able to experience the fulfillment of their life's goals.

He believes that your business, practice and/or your personal life are waiting for a leader (YOU) to show up and that, "Who you are 'inside-the-skin' determines how well what you do works."

Now, in his fifth decade of sharing the secrets of success with audiences from only 25 to over 8,000 as a Keynote or Special Guest Speaker for outside businesses or organizations, he has learned that it is "successful people" who build successful businesses and lives.


Dr. Richard Bernstein, D.O.

Richard Bernstein, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Bernstein is a graduate of Des Moines University School of Osteopathic Medicine & Health Sciences. Upon graduation in 1991, he interned at Dallas/Fort Worth Medical Center, and went on to complete his specialty training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Washington University Medical Center in St. Louis, where he was Chief Resident.

After his Post Graduate training, Dr. Bernstein founded and directed the Wellness and Rehabilitation Center, a multi-disciplinary complementary medicine clinic for Watsonville Community Hospital in Watsonville, CA. He left in 2001 to open SpineMED® Medical Associates, a private practice in Aptos, CA. He is also on the adjunct clinical faculty for Touro University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Vallejo, CA.

Dr. Bernstein has over 11 years of clinical experience with nonsurgical spinal decompression. He was first introduced to nonsurgical decompression in 1996 as a back pain patient himself. After experiencing firsthand the benefits of nonsurgical spinal decompression, he invested in a Vax-D table for his clinic. In the late 1990’s he traded the Vax-D table for a second generation tower and harness decompression system. Then, in 2003 he upgraded to SpineMED® and purchased the very first SpineMED® table sold in the United States.

Dr. Richard Bernstein has successfully treated hundreds of discogenic pain patients who had not responded to traditional conservative or interventional therapies with SpineMED®


Dr. Reuben Henderson, D.O.

Dr. Reuben Henderson specializes in   physical, rehabilitative and occupational medicine. From 1981-1985, he played professional football for the Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers. After his NFL career he enrolled at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine where he graduated "best clinical student" class of 1993. He went on to internship at Genesys Regional Medical Center in Flint, MI and St. Lawrence Hospital in Lansing, MI. He completed his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has a private PM&R practice and has successfully integrated SpineMED® decompression as a primary modality for discogenic pain patients.



Dr. Michael Haghighi, M.D.

Dr. Micheal Haghighi completed his Board certification in Family Medicine from Louisiana State University, and Sports Medicine fellowship training at The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. After four years in the field, he opened Haghighi Family & Sports Medicine in 2007, along with his wife, and fellow family practitioner, Roshni Patel Haghighi, M.D.  
Dr. Haghighi first was introduced to non-surgical spinal decompression, at a medical conference, by a SpineMED® competitor who was exhibiting at the event. He became interested in learning more about the procedure, and upon further research, made the decision to add SpineMED® decompression to his list of treatment options.  
Haghighi Family and Sports Medicine Clinic has built a reputation for staying on the cutting edge of technology and providing quality family-oriented service. SpineMED® has proved a congruent ancillary to his patients and to the overall success of his practice.